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Hello and welcome to Vespmoto


This is about engines for the classic largeframe Vespa like


PX 200, Cosa 200, Rally 200, Sprint, Lusso, GS, VNA-VNB, VBA-VBB.

My ambition is to offer engines and components that convince in terms of quality, performance and price.

The offered products for the engines are carefully selected.

Only the finest engine parts of well-known manufacturers are offered, which have already proven

hundredfold and are produced exclusively in series.

The production of engines in small series, in always the same high quality -

as well as the spare parts supply, is guaranteed.


You have questions or a special wish

just contact me: by phone or e-mail.

Enjoy browsing.


My story ....... summarized!

Who is Vespmoto?

Behind it´s me, Ben Nowak, mechanical engineer and Vespa maniac.

In the years 2007 - 2012 I was owner of PEP-PARTS.

Specialized in the construction and sale of engines and tuning parts for Vespa scooters.


In addition to complete engines, parts were also developed.

Exhaust systems like PEP 1 - PEP Plus and 61 mm stroke crankshafts.
Since it´s founding, the passion for engine construction and development is still alive.

There are many new parts that allow much more engine performance and

the quality of the products have evolved.


Until now, I built more than 250  PX engines! This results in a huge motor tuning experience.
Motor types like Malossi 210/221/225/228 cc | Quattrini 244/252/260 cc | BFA Motori 306 cc
Mostly reed valve engines but also rotary valve engines.

Customers from all over the world,

Australia, Norway, England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary to New Zealand, Martinique and Puerto Rico enjoy the quality and performance of my engines.

At that time, a hobby became a profession and since 1999, the passion for Vespa is unbroken

and the battle for the last horsepower has not ended.

I only offer you new parts of the leading manufacturers, in the best quality!

My range of products is limited, which is reasonable to it´s quality and performance.


Greetings Ben

Scooter-Engine-Shop - Original rotary valve or reed valve engine - Tuning Parts

Vespa PX 200 Engine Manufactory by

Classic Largeframe Vespa PX 200, Cosa 200, Rally 200, Sprint, Lusso, GS, VNA-VNB, VBA-VBB


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VESPMOTO | Mühlackerweg 8b | 69239 Neckarsteinach


0176 55569429

foreign countries: 0049 176 55569429