Vespa PX 200 engine new - for sale - original 12 HP - Buy a new one -

Instead of expensive engine-revision -overhaul -repair as a replacement for your used or broken engine.

Vespa PX 200 Engine Basic - as replacement for the Original



You are interested in a PX 200 engine like the original

As a rotary valve, but please without the known weak points?


Better than the "original Piaggio engine", e.g. with the Cosa clutch,

be able to  change gears properly, an electronic ignition with automatic

adjustable ignition timing etc.


BGM/Piaggio 200 ccm Steelcylinder


Crankcase MALOSSI V-One


Cosa clutch


Mazzucchelli 57 mm rotary slide crankshaft



optionally Polini electronic Ignition

1,6 kg - 8° automatic ignition timing


Ignition is already set!


BGM/Piaggio - gearbox 4 speed - 57-42-38-35

Piaggio Primary 65 teeth: 12-13-17-21 


Incl. brake drum and brake pads.


Incl. SI 24 Carburetor without separated lubrication  -

(with separated lubrication is optional)


At last a good touring exhaust, e.g. The Polini Box,  - ready.


Higher driving dynamics guaranteed, then Vespa driving is really fun!

Quiet and unobtrusive, just like the original.


Note:  Just call or contact us via email!

          I make you an offer according to your individual desires.


The parts of the kit are made out of high quality.

The engine is ready to use!        

The engine is built completely from new parts!


Any questions or a special desire - just contact me



Deliveries to EU entrepreneurs/companies with valid VAT ID 

are VAT exempt -19% = 2352,00 €


Delivery to non-EU countries in

North America / South America / Asia / Australia - New Zealand /

Africa / Russia / Norway / Switzerland etc

are tax-free -19% = 2352,00 €


plus customs and import tax of your country, payable in your country


Shipping costs see here



2.990,00 €

2.799,00 €

  • 30 kg
  • verfügbar / available / disponible / disponível / tersedia
  • 7 - 10 Tage/days Lieferzeit/delivery time

Vespa PX 200 engine new - for sale - original 12 HP - Buy a new one - Instead of expensive engine-revision -overhaul -repair as a replacement for your  used or broken engine.

Vespa PX 200 Engine Manufactory by Vespmoto


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